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Preserved Lemons

I’m hesitant to even call this a recipe since you pretty much are cramming some lemons and salt in a jar, but it does create one of my favorite condiments, preserved lemons. They add in a ton of flavor to any dish they’re in and it’s a very specific flavor. You’ll know it if you’ve ever had Moroccan or Middle-Eastern food. They’re lemony and cured with a slightly sour note in there. It’s very different from a fresh lemon, but you still know it’s lemon. It’s the equivalent of how sauerkraut tastes like cabbage, but not at all like fresh cabbage.

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Peach Galette

Summer is officially over. And while I’m going to try and embrace the Fall, I may put up a bit of resistance. This recipe was actually made a few weeks ago when there were still some good peaches available. You can just as easily substitute the peaches for apples, pears or even a cup or two of some frozen berries. Just think of the recipe as a rough outline, fill it in with whatever you like.

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Trofie al Pesto

I tend to be a bit basil obsessed, and since I can only grow it during the summer months, I like to go all out. I usually purchase a few packets of seeds in early spring and grow as many basil plants as possible, of every variety I can find. We usually have at least 15 to 20 basil plants in our yard every year. And while each plant may not be massive, it still gives me plenty of basil to use throughout the season.

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Grilled Radicchio & Plum Salad

As you’ve probably noticed we like to eat salads around here, but I must say at times it can get slightly repetitive by the end of each season. Now that Fall has arrived there’s a fresh selection of new produce available with a few goodies still around from late summer. I really wanted to make a grilled salad, and Ry happened to bring home some really delicious apple plums. So, I figured those could be the start of the salad and what better to grill along with plums than radicchio.

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